Sunday, February 6, 2011


The SuperBowl was on tonight and l didn't watch it! Everyone's status on FB was enough to let me know what was going on in the game. I dislike when EVERYONE is posting about the same one night The Game (TV show) was on..omg EVERY single status was about it. I was like danggggg everyone doesn't need to know!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I wanna FLY dude!

I haven't posted in a little bit, but for some reason l feel like flying! I wanna fly SOMEWHERE. I love airports..l remember one time l was in an airport (l forgot which state l was in) and it was like so magical all the places selling stuff and barely anyone around. In the movie "Terminal" with Tom Hanks, lol he HAD to be having fun living in the airport. As long as the airport isnt boring and the food not to expensive. Well l thought l'd post a little something since l haven't in a while but oh well see yaaa

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maybe No To New York.

Maybe San Fran is more for me..cause New York gets cold. There is 14 inches of snow in New York right now..maybe l had better stay for like a month or so then move on with me life hunny dear. I don't like being cold at all hunny dear! Im so hungry, l want that pizza. I wonder did she order it yet! When looking at New York you gotta have money, & l dont wanna be braking my back trying to live there! OMG that is SO RUDE when you callin someone & they keep on walkin like they can't hear you! When l hit that number when l feel l need to live on my own, l'm going to be so HAPPY & FREE. Ooo jesus you don't even know..but lm finna go before l..catch a case!

Monday, January 10, 2011

San Fran vs. New York

Okay so l usually write my blog at the end of the night! So here goes..l wanna live in NEW YORK or SAN FRANCISCO. I've never been to New York but l think if l visited it, l would like it! I've been to San Francisco and even tho l was only there for a couple hours, l LOVED everything about it. The big sky scraper buildings, the streets, the everything except the homeless people. And l bet there are ALOT of homeless people in New York, so l should probably get used to that if l wanna live there! There both expensive places l already know. I think New York is a little more expensive though and there's more to do. The city that never sleeps! I need absolute quiet so l wonder if l would hear cars honking and stuff unless l get like a sound proof apartment! To have nice things you need to have money unless you steal the stuff you want. I don't think you can steal an apartment/studio/condo so the only thing l can think of is to get money! I plan on visiting of course and l've already started to look at apartments in New York. Only problem is THE MONEY! Maybe l can pull it out of a hat. Hmm maybe a roommate. :D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let's Talk Jerseylicious!

Okay..NOW Doria has GOT TO GO! I understand Gayle feels the need to keep her around because she knows her probably on a personal level & feels shes a great makeup artist & hair stylist & Olivia just started but they are too COMPLETELY different people. Gayle brought up that every fight Olivia has been in, has been sometimes her fault. Tracy vs. Olivia, Tracy is MEAN, she spit in her face. Even if the show is scripted, NOONE would spit in my face point blank PERIOD. 2nd Olivia vs. Alexa, Alexa was BI-POLAR HELLOOOOO! Anyone who even saw one episode could have seen that & now this Doria character is just TOO MUCH. Her voice is very annoying, she IS throwing low blows. If l was Olivia, l would have said "sweetie listen now l know you think your helping Doria, but BACK OFF, l don't need you help. If you have something to say about my makeup, go to Gayle." & that woulda been it. No more snotty comments, blah blah blah. Doria is only 29 she said. Honey your still young. Im sure you & Olivia BOTH went to makeup school. & making the little smart comments means she doesn't think Gayle is fully qualified to choose a good makeup artist. Apparently she was if she hired Doria. Ugh if Tracy does go to Anthony's shop, good for her. If she quits, too bad but atleast her next job would be better. :D Until then over & out! Until next week..oh who else liked seeing Tracy skirm until pressure! lol

Saturday, January 8, 2011

If my sister had cancer.. lm watching My Sister's Keeper which l've always wanted to see just never got around to it. & the first thing l thought was dang she's selfish! l understand she wants to have a life & she just feels used BUT its your SISTER. There is no tighter bound between two sisters not mom & daughter not friend & friend, even though you may feel like that sometimes. If my sister had cancer and she needed my kidney! I wouldnt even think about it! Anything to save her! Im almost at the halfway point of the movie..but does anyone else think her mom was just trying to save her in a obsessive kind of way..its her daughter. SOME parents love their kids unconditionally ( l say it like that because you see TOO MANY people killing there kids now adays. But lm finna go back to the movie and even though l already know she dies, its still interesting. The guy she's talking to right now seems like moody, kinda sucks he dies to. :D

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Random Thought.

When it comes to writing..l've always done it. I've always kept little journals and stuff. I write to calm my emotions & nerves. Right now lm wondering what lm gonna write about but write now lm not gonna worry about it. Its just the first post RIGHT! GOD IT IS SO HOT IN THIS HOUSE! The rents always have the heat on! and lm TOO LAZY to reach other and turn my fan on and go get some kool-aid even though lm REALLY thirsty. K fans on..and thats better. Its 12:41 & lm listening to Warning Sign by Coldplay (l heard it off of Buffy) so thanks Buffy, without you l wouldnt have a good song to listen to right now. I think this is enough for the first post. :D As soon as l save this..lm gonna go back to watching the happening & then The Terminal..l like Tom Hanks in that movie. I saw Angels and Demons earlier tonight..which is probably wrong since l haven't even seen The Davinci Code. Oh well it was pretty good. Peace