Monday, January 10, 2011

San Fran vs. New York

Okay so l usually write my blog at the end of the night! So here goes..l wanna live in NEW YORK or SAN FRANCISCO. I've never been to New York but l think if l visited it, l would like it! I've been to San Francisco and even tho l was only there for a couple hours, l LOVED everything about it. The big sky scraper buildings, the streets, the everything except the homeless people. And l bet there are ALOT of homeless people in New York, so l should probably get used to that if l wanna live there! There both expensive places l already know. I think New York is a little more expensive though and there's more to do. The city that never sleeps! I need absolute quiet so l wonder if l would hear cars honking and stuff unless l get like a sound proof apartment! To have nice things you need to have money unless you steal the stuff you want. I don't think you can steal an apartment/studio/condo so the only thing l can think of is to get money! I plan on visiting of course and l've already started to look at apartments in New York. Only problem is THE MONEY! Maybe l can pull it out of a hat. Hmm maybe a roommate. :D

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