Saturday, January 8, 2011

If my sister had cancer.. lm watching My Sister's Keeper which l've always wanted to see just never got around to it. & the first thing l thought was dang she's selfish! l understand she wants to have a life & she just feels used BUT its your SISTER. There is no tighter bound between two sisters not mom & daughter not friend & friend, even though you may feel like that sometimes. If my sister had cancer and she needed my kidney! I wouldnt even think about it! Anything to save her! Im almost at the halfway point of the movie..but does anyone else think her mom was just trying to save her in a obsessive kind of way..its her daughter. SOME parents love their kids unconditionally ( l say it like that because you see TOO MANY people killing there kids now adays. But lm finna go back to the movie and even though l already know she dies, its still interesting. The guy she's talking to right now seems like moody, kinda sucks he dies to. :D

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