Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maybe No To New York.

Maybe San Fran is more for me..cause New York gets cold. There is 14 inches of snow in New York right now..maybe l had better stay for like a month or so then move on with me life hunny dear. I don't like being cold at all hunny dear! Im so hungry, l want that pizza. I wonder did she order it yet! When looking at New York you gotta have money, & l dont wanna be braking my back trying to live there! OMG that is SO RUDE when you callin someone & they keep on walkin like they can't hear you! When l hit that number when l feel l need to live on my own, l'm going to be so HAPPY & FREE. Ooo jesus you don't even know..but lm finna go before l..catch a case!

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