Friday, January 7, 2011

First Random Thought.

When it comes to writing..l've always done it. I've always kept little journals and stuff. I write to calm my emotions & nerves. Right now lm wondering what lm gonna write about but write now lm not gonna worry about it. Its just the first post RIGHT! GOD IT IS SO HOT IN THIS HOUSE! The rents always have the heat on! and lm TOO LAZY to reach other and turn my fan on and go get some kool-aid even though lm REALLY thirsty. K fans on..and thats better. Its 12:41 & lm listening to Warning Sign by Coldplay (l heard it off of Buffy) so thanks Buffy, without you l wouldnt have a good song to listen to right now. I think this is enough for the first post. :D As soon as l save this..lm gonna go back to watching the happening & then The Terminal..l like Tom Hanks in that movie. I saw Angels and Demons earlier tonight..which is probably wrong since l haven't even seen The Davinci Code. Oh well it was pretty good. Peace

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