Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let's Talk Jerseylicious!

Okay..NOW Doria has GOT TO GO! I understand Gayle feels the need to keep her around because she knows her probably on a personal level & feels shes a great makeup artist & hair stylist & Olivia just started but they are too COMPLETELY different people. Gayle brought up that every fight Olivia has been in, has been sometimes her fault. Tracy vs. Olivia, Tracy is MEAN, she spit in her face. Even if the show is scripted, NOONE would spit in my face point blank PERIOD. 2nd Olivia vs. Alexa, Alexa was BI-POLAR HELLOOOOO! Anyone who even saw one episode could have seen that & now this Doria character is just TOO MUCH. Her voice is very annoying, she IS throwing low blows. If l was Olivia, l would have said "sweetie listen now l know you think your helping Doria, but BACK OFF, l don't need you help. If you have something to say about my makeup, go to Gayle." & that woulda been it. No more snotty comments, blah blah blah. Doria is only 29 she said. Honey your still young. Im sure you & Olivia BOTH went to makeup school. & making the little smart comments means she doesn't think Gayle is fully qualified to choose a good makeup artist. Apparently she was if she hired Doria. Ugh if Tracy does go to Anthony's shop, good for her. If she quits, too bad but atleast her next job would be better. :D Until then over & out! Until next week..oh who else liked seeing Tracy skirm until pressure! lol

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